Welcome to the Inner School Leaders Training site for the Inayatiyya

Leaders training prepare initiates of the Inayatiyya Inner School, known as Murids, to serve in the transmission of the teachings and to help others on their spiritual path. While developing the capacity to serve in this way, leadership trainees deepen their own spiritual practice and realization. At the end of successful training, the trainee is appointed to a leadership role of Coordinator, Representative or Guide. 

Each trainee is guided through their training by an Advisor and a Mentor, who are both experienced Representatives in the Inner School. The Advisor supports the student through the application process and ensures that the training stays on track. The Mentor is the main support during training, and works with the trainee on the content of their training program. 

The Mentor helps the trainee to increase their knowledge and experience of commonly used practices, prayers, and themes of meditation, as taught in the Inayatiyya Inner School. The goal of the training is for the candidate to gain the confidence and skills necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of their eventual leadership role. 

The Inner School also offers Inner School Leaders Training Modules – small group classes in the core exercises, skills, and teachings of the Inner School for Coordinators and Representatives. Completion of the Leaders Training Modules are a requirement for appointment as a Representative or Guide.

The development of the leader is a lifelong pursuit that does not end with formal training; it continues, motivated by their desire to serve not only the Murids and the Inayatiyya, but the whole of humanity.

There are two training programs: Coordinator-in-Training and Representative-in-Training.

The Leaders Training program welcomes your feedback and questions about the training process, and is here to support Murids who are thinking of entering the training process in the future, as well as those who are ready to apply, or are already candidates in training. Please contact us if you have questions or comments.


This program prepares a Murid for teaching classes and leading meditations and prayers, as well as organizing and supporting a local Center in an administrative role. 

Learn more about becoming a Coordinator.


This program prepares an experienced Coordinator to give individual spiritual guidance to other Murids and increase the level of teachings they can give in classes. The trainee may chose their eventual appointment to be either as Representative or Guide; a Guide is simply a Representative who prefers to only give individual spiritual guidance and not teach classes or help with running an Inayatiyya Center. 

Learn more about becoming a Representative or Guide.